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family business paradox

In short, owning a
family business makes
it possible to stay together
as a family without much attention to nurturing
family relations or to developing leaders who
tend those relationships.

That's the paradox

– John Ward



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At Family Business Paradox Inc., we help families understand the relationships between the family,
he ownership and the management areas of a family business.

 3 circles

The Family circle is built on effective family relationships and values.

The Ownership circle focuses on wealth management and ensuring an ongoing return on investment.

In the Management circle, the goal is to run a profitable business to create wealth for the shareholders.


The fact that these three areas overlap, yet have very different objectives, causes considerable complexity and confusion for those involved in the family and/or business. Meeting the objectives of all three circles can be quite a challenge. When one circle receives less attention than the others, it throws off the equilibrium that is essential for healthy relationships and a successful business.

At Family Business Paradox Inc., we show you how each of the three areas impacts the others and
how you can maintain that all-important equilibrium. 
We help you address any conflict that exists today
and plan for better balance going forward.

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