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family business paradox

In short, owning a
family business makes
it possible to stay together
as a family without much attention to nurturing
family relations or to developing leaders who
tend those relationships.

That's the paradox

– John Ward



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Steve Allen took over the family business from his father John in the late 1980's.  The transition
resulted in a few challenging years and the father/son relationship was put to the test. 

As a result of their in-the-trenches experience, Terri and Steve learned a lot about the complexities
that exist in business families. 

Since then, their many years of working side-by-side and consulting with other business families has
shown that they were not alone in what they experienced and that business families around the world
have similar challenges.

Terri and Steve have made it their mission to help others build rich lives. 

And it all starts with rich relationships!



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