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family business paradox

In short, owning a
family business makes
it possible to stay together
as a family without much attention to nurturing
family relations or to developing leaders who
tend those relationships.

That's the paradox

– John Ward



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Welcome to Family Business Paradox where the focus is on the “Family” area of the Family Business.

Imagine a family where:

  • Multiple family members work in the family firm and compensation is based on needs rather than
    Parents have tried to provide for their children equally but in doing so have hampered their growth with dependence. 
  • Couples work together so well that they forget to dialog, or date, or enjoy each other’s company.

At Family Business Paradox Inc. we help families like yours work together to manage differing goals
and expectations so you can not only strengthen those important family relationships, but also enhance
your business success.

What are your roadblocks?

Try our complimentary questionnaire to identify the nature of the obstacles that might derail your family and business from your preferred path.  The instant results will identify the areas where family consultation and business planning activity are most needed.  Then give us a call or complete the request for more information to learn how to address your areas of concern and strengthen the foundation you already have.

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